I am committed to helping busy families simplify and empower the whole family using systems that WORK!

Are you overwhelmed and exhausted from the day to day struggle of working, caring for your family and home? Maybe you are planning a move and the added stress is too much! 



Whether it is

  • taking the stress of moving off your plate
  • helping you declutter and/or downsize your home
  • organizing your spaces so daily clean up is a breeze
  •  Or the Calm the Chaos Membership program that helps get your teens involved in the daily routines and systems that make your home work

We have you covered! 


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Do you do everything in your home? Does your home overwhelm you with stuff and chores? 

It doesn't have to! Setting up routines and strategies for the whole family can simplify not only your life but can remove the overwhelm and allow you time to do the things you love!

Life is too short to wait. Whether it is an upcoming move, an issue with clutter and years of too much stuff, or soon your teens will be on their own and you want to set them up for a successful future! 

Calm the Chaos Organizing has you Covered! 

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Hi! I’m Tracey, a Professional Organizer, Certified Move Manager, and a lifestyle  coach, that loves giving busy moms systems and strategies to empower the whole family.
After graduating with a Degree in Psychology, I worked for many years in the corporate world. After my boys were born I was fortunate to stay home with them and during this time I organized not only my house, but all my friends and families homes. Fast forward a few years and I was back in the corporate world navigating working full time, running a home, teenagers and activities.  It was hard, stressful and I knew there was a better way.  So after changing some habits I discovered a way to reduce the stress, reduce the workload and enjoy my family more.  
Another move back to Alberta and we decided to take my dream of having my own business and helping others find calm in their lives a reality. Calm the Chaos Organizing was born.  It has been a busy few years!  From in home organizing and decluttering services, to becoming a certified move manager and helping families move with less stress and anxiety,  to creating the Calm the Chaos Membership to give moms proven strategies to take control of their home again. 

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